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SCAMMER ALERT! Courtesy of Michael Daddio of Carriage Shop in Branford, Connecticut (Put him on your BLACK LIST)

Scammed By Michael Daddio at Carriage Shop in Branford, Connecticut

So we got scammed on eBAY

First of all, we will move on from this. Second of all, I'm pissed. About 1 month ago, I bought a 1967 Fastback on eBay. It seemed to be a fair deal, as it was listed as an "easy project", "ready to paint", "running engine" in which the "brakes and engine" had be recently checked/started and were in good shape. The car was "started by putting gasoline in the carburator and driven onto the transport truck". The car basically needed to be re-assembled since it had been primered and readied for paint.

That all sounds good, right?

Here's the actual description of the vehicle from Michael Daddio of the Carriage Shop in Branford, Connecticut.


This is a Very rare find, so this is a S code Car that came with a 390 Big block and 3 Speed Trans I have attached a Marti report I do not know if it is the matching numbers Engine or not, that is unknown so it is being listed as that.

if you are looking for a good candidate for a Eleanor clone or project this is the one. I purchased this car awhile ago from the original owner He had the car sent out and had the body completely redone and disassembled, in this process he got sick and ended up with the car back in the condition it is in. (The body is finished but the car is not) I acquired the car parked it in my garage with good intentions but I have come to realize I just don't have the time like I use too. I paid a lot of money for the car because I know what a solid fastback is worth and this would be a easy project for someone.

So let me start with the body, this car will not need any body work the body is very straight and it is in excellent shape. No body filler was used, this was always a Florida car so it is very clean, straight, solid and rust free from the start. It has also never been into any accidents, every panel is good and shows no signs of any accidents. I believe all of the body panels are original to the car except the hood which is a brand new steel hood that is still in the box, This hood will go with the car. So if you purchase this car you will not have to do any body work just paint the car. Floor pans, Strut towers, Trunk, frame rails, and torque Boxes all appear to be very solid and in no need of repair.

So this car was a Original 3 speed manual car, but it has a C6 transmission in the car currently the original 3 speed manual trans will go with the car when sold as well as a extra set of 390 heads, intake and carb.

The Owner says the Engine is the correct matching numbers engine but I have not been able to verify that. (The Pedal is still in the car for a manual trans set up).

Now the car has not ran in over ten years but it does run, I had it running recently with a gas can and manually putting fuel into the carb. Something is up with the gas tank and I have not had a chance to check into it but it will not suck fuel from the tank so possible bad gas or fuel pump.

When I purchased the car I was able to drive it, test the transmission, rear end and brakes. Everything seemed fine but then it sat for another 4 years in my garage under a cover with ten year old gas in it so here we are today.

Now as far as the parts I have every single good useable and original part that came off the car, some of it is junk and some of it is good but I am putting everything inside of the car for the buyer. I have the glass, seats, interior Pieces, trim, bumpers, chrome, dash pad, dash board, original Cluster, Nuts and bolts, and more...... a truck load of parts of everything that was taken off the car. Like I said even though the parts are there somethings will need to be replaced, a few things may be missing but for the most part you will have everything.

So with all of that being said if your looking for a solid winter project this is one to consider, pretty much it just needs assembly. It will needs some mechanical work so it will run perfect and it will needs some interior and exteriors parts installed or Replaced. No body work needed just paint, the car is already in primer as it sits. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I cant imagine this being a complicated project for anyone that knows how to use a wrench and appreciates these cars they bring big $$$$ Finished, if I had the extra free time I would of finished it by now. Any questions please feel free to ask and only bid what you are willing to pay, If you need a shipping quote please feel free to ask.


I try to be a honest as possible and as fair as possible so if I didn't answer your question here please feel free to contact me directly on my cell phone 203-309-7490 my name is Michael



Please feel free to ask questions, do not bid unless you have your funds in order. if you are the winning bidder I will require a Immediate deposit and full payment within 3 business days unless discussed otherwise. IF YOU HAVE UNDER 10 FEEDBACK YOUR BID WILL BE CANCELLED UNLESS YOU CONTACT ME FIRST.

our project

Mustang Arrives

So, we tried to set up enclosed transport, but this was unavailable. Open transport worked out well except they'd only deliever to Albuquerque, NM, about 120 miles from us. They also showed up at 2AM and required us to be there, what a hassle.

What showed up was not what we bought, considering the description above.

First, the car was obviously not ready to paint. (Pictures coming soon). There were holes in the floor boards, trunk, drip rails. The primer job was done many years ago, and was cracked and was OBVIOUSLY DONE to hide more rust. There was bubbling in the doors.

No accessories were sent, and most of the car was missing, if you ask me. Michael Daddio didn't send the hood, new doors that were promised. He didn't send the chrome trim that was promised. He didn't even send the fucking windows (there was a cracked read window shoved onto the posterior floorboard when the car arrived).

The car, that was billed as "running" and "driven onto the transport truck" didn't even have a gas line or brake lines. The drive train was in the trunk. There was no carburator. All LIES.

Further, the car that "was ready to assemble and paint", has no dash, no wiring except for a few sticking out of the where the dash should be. There were no plug wires. No headlights or taillights. No door handles or window cranks. Basically we got a rusty ass shell of a car.

The Mustang Transition

Anyone remember the Adam Sandler Song "Piece of Shit Car!"?

I called the day I recieved the vehicle to return it, as my expense. Michael Daddio yelled at me and told me it was a "project" and he would not accept it back. He said that it was my fault that I did not get all of the parts because it was "open transport", but he'd ship them to me. Here's the text he sent me, saying I'm "lucky I got any parts", despite his description of the car above... He did say he'd help work this out with me...



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Coming Soon!

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TMI Products TMI Sport R Door Panels

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DB Stealth Sound and Heat Shield/Insulation

From Heatshield, our #Endorsed product Heat Shield Provider:

"Controlling heat and sound inside a vehicle usually requires the install of two separate products, or one product that's bulky and also heavy. Adding dead weight is never a good thing, especially if the vehicle in question is going to be hitting the track. And having to do twice the work means less time to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor."


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