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Our Builds!

our project

Day One

A friend called me and said, "I think I found the car you've been looking for." She pointed me towards a small town about 20 miles South of my home. As I drove up, I knew she was right. On the side of the road was a 1964.5 Mustang Coupe with very little rust evident.

I drove away after a quick look wondering if my wife would let me drop 5K on a rust bucket. To my surprise, she said it was ok and that a "project might keep me busy enough to stay out of trouble!".

Before she had time to change her mind, I borrowed a friend's trailer (and loaded him up too) and bought my dream car...

our project

Back Home

A little bit of sleuthing showed that this vehicle had been sitting for about 35 years, last driven in the 80s! The guy who sold it to me bought it but never drove or titled it. He was an amateur mechanic and had gotten it running just well enough to have us blow out a ratty old tire on the initial test drive! Got her up to 55 mph that day, though....

The Mustang Transition

The Transition Begins

Well, after a thorough inspection, we decided that the wheel wells had to be replaced due to rust issues. We got new quarter panels (Dynacorn) and new wheel mini-tubs from Autoworks International (just in case we wanted to add some real meat at some point).

Here is a "during" shot of the wheel wells. We ended up doing a lap-weld with our new quarters, see below and after a bit of adjustment, we got them to line up great. See pix below...


Mini-Tubs Going In...

These mini-tubs from Autoworks were relatively easy to install. From their website:

"Autoworks Parts has designed a mini tub kit for your Mustang 1964 1/2 to 1970 that will allow you to fit 20x8.5" or 18x10" wheels on the back of your Mustang. (Wider wheels may be possible depending on backspacing of wheels and rear end width). This heavy 16g "Made in the USA" sheet metal wheel tub kit replaces your stock inner wheel house and gives more room during articulation, thus allowing larger wheels without having to sacrifice your back seat or do any messy cutting of the frame rails."

Rear Quarter Panels

Rear Quarter Panels

After the mini-tubs were installed, we did a lap-weld to install our new Dynacorn Panels quarter panels, as the originals had all of the inner wheel well rust and cancer that you'd expect from a car that was stored outside for 25 years without moving. Ahhh... no more rust... This was done on passenger and driver's sides.

Front Quarter Panels!

Front Quarter Panels

The front quarter panels were a little easier as they do not require welding and a made to fit. We found the Dynacorn replacements to be a good value. The original front quarters were mostly cement (bondo) and weighted more than twice that of the Dynacorn replacements.

Side Scoops

Side Scoops...

As you can tell, we aren't so concerned about staying all-original, as we are building a car for ourselves. I wanted it to be a bit more aggressive than the standard Mustang coupe. For this reason, we decided to add the mini-tubs and side scoop, among other upgrades that you'll soon see. We did add Kustom metal inserts to the side scoops for a better look... what do you think? Come back soon to see the build building!!!

Deck Lid

Autoworks M-66 Spoiler Deck Lid...

Our one-off deck lid from Autoworks Parts (link above) is fantastic. It fit like a glove and gives a little bit more aggressive look to our restomod. We added a custom kick-stand to our deck lid because we cut out the torsion bars from the trunk mechanism when adding the mini-tubs, see above.

Come back soon to see the build building!!!

Coming Soon!

These are some of the things we're working on currently.

CJ Pony Parts Master Power Dual Bowl Brake Master Cylinder (1965-1966)

So, this is a safety issue. While classic 1964.5-1966 Mustangs are incredibly fun to restore, drive, show off and race, the original braking system's design leaves a lot to be desired. It uses a single master cylinder to provide fluid pressure to all four wheels at the same time. So if a problem arises in any of the four brakes, hoses, lines or single master cylinder, all four brakes lose fluid pressure. This can be disastrous: you could lose your front and rear brakes, which means you won't be able to slow down and stop!

TMI Products TMI Sport R Door Panels

The perfect balance of style and functionality. These were a little tricky to install as they didn't line up perfectly. Make sure you measure twice and cut once! Installed, however, they are slick!

We will get you a good installed shot soon!

DB Stealth Sound and Heat Shield/Insulation

From Heatshield, our #Endorsed product Heat Shield Provider:

"Controlling heat and sound inside a vehicle usually requires the install of two separate products, or one product that's bulky and also heavy. Adding dead weight is never a good thing, especially if the vehicle in question is going to be hitting the track. And having to do twice the work means less time to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor."


Cool Builds

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